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If you are a parent at Little Deers Day Nursery, please click the button below to enter our Parent Portal:

Lunch Menu

Our hot lunches are provided by Hampshire County Council under the Hampshire Primary Schools Menu, freshly cooked at Burley Primary School. Parents are required to provide pack lunches during school holidays.

We are a NUT FREE nursery. We have stringent allergy and intolerance procedures in place and ask all parents to support our current allergy procedures when providing pack lunches.


Famly software, is a secure online system for all our bookings, invoices, accident / incident / medication forms, a communication system and for each child’s individual learning journey.

Famly gives parents access to view contact information, so they can ensure it’s correct and let us know if changes or updates need to be made.

Famly allows parents direct and secure access to data such as allergies; dietary and medical requirements, as well as accident forms and medication forms.

Famly enables you to review nursery invoices and payments, to see how your account stands in real time and view and print sessions yourself.

Famly provides a 2-way message system to allow parents to message the team in your child's room with any information about your child and for the team to message parents.

Famly allows you to see when your child is signed in and out each day, especially reassuring if someone else drops off or collect your little one. 

Famly also allows you to see important information such as nappy changes, meals and sleep times.

A Learning Journal

Your little one is at the very beginning of their very own learning journey.

Famly has been designed to support 2-way home/nursery communication to allow parents to take part in their child’s progress. From your child's very first day, their key person will keep you updated via Famly with messages and photos or videos of your child’s play and learning, especially reassuring during those early days of settling in.

Through Famly, your child’s key person can keep you updated on their day and upload observations and assessments such as their 2-year-old check or school transition documents to their learning journal.

Your child's day will be so busy and full of fun and learning, we want to share some of those magical moments with you. Your child's key person will upload photos and observations to build up their 'Learning Journal' on Famly to share with you. We invite parents to also post photos of your child's special events, days out and milestones at home to help to build a complete story of your child's Early Years. 

We also invite you to message us with important information about your little one and comment on activities we post, so Famly becomes an effective two-way communication between home and nursery.

Please click below to login to your child's Learning Journal:

"...I think the Famly App is working really well! I’d always forget to log into the old system so it’s been great to keep up with all the stuff my daughter gets up to." (Little Deers Parent)

"I will be sad when my child no longer attends Little Deers as it has played such a big role in her life. Staff are always so helpful and understanding." (Little Deers Parent)