Butterflies (Over 3's)

Our Butterflies children experience a day full of fun with lots of activities to keep young minds interested and engaged with a range of self chosen activities and provocations to spark curiosity and encourage children to develop a range of knowledge, skills and understanding. We use neutral colours, rather than bright overwhelming colours to allow children to focus on their learning. This helps to expand their imaginations and knowledge of the world around them.

Our Butterflies room is designed to support thinking and reflection, personal, social and emotional development and well-being. With an aim to promote communication and language, with small cosy areas, where children can play, talk together and develop friendships, without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed by a big open space. 

We have a wealth of books (fiction and non-fiction), a CD player with headphones to allow children to listen to stories on their own or with a friend, story props to enable children to 'act out' stories or create their own to develop young imaginations and soft toys to read stories to or just to cuddle up to.

A calm, relaxing space with sensory resources provides a place to relax, chat with friends, reflect, share a book, snuggle in, and learn about those big emotions to develop self-regulation. Our staff support the children to recognise and identify their emotions by giving them the vocabulary to use and the reassurance that it is ok to feel annoyed, upset, frustrated, and worried as much as it's great to feel happy, excited and proud. 

Hubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble, whether its magic potions, wizards brew, purfume or petal soup, our Potion Station offers so many open ended opportunities to capture children's imaginations and allow them to experiment with different materials using all the senses.

Learning about the world can provide so many opportunities to talk about and explore different countries, cultures, oceans, mountains, animals, food, languages, transport and traditional dress from all around the world and beyond in to space. The children love talking about their holidays, as well as family and friends who live in different countries.

To learn to protect our planet, we must first learn about our planet!

Children enjoy dressing up in a wide range of outfits, from a variety of cultures around the world; children can be anything they want to be, from a chef to a police constable or even a superhero or princess. Our role play boxes provide children with the resources to be a vet, a hairdresser or even a doctor (to name but a few).

Construction resources allow children to experiment with blocks, developing problem solving skills, imagination, an understanding of shape, space and measure.

Lots of messy play and art activities, including painting, collage, play dough, sand, mud and water play indoors and out...