Caterpillars (Under 3's)

Our Caterpillars Room, is specifically designed with the under three's needs in mind. The area is fully equipped for the non-mobile and toddling children with an assortment of toys, treasure baskets and activities. Children's nap times and nappy changing routines all take place in the one room, to ensure their well being is safeguarded at all times. Even the youngest children join their friends at the table in low chairs, rather than high chairs so all children are on the same level. This ensures meal times a sociable part of the day which encourages language and conversation.

Our soft play equipment is a fantastic resource to aid the gross motor skill development and self confidence.

Child centred displays of the children's wonderful creative works of art and photos of them with their families and pets at home, help to make the room welcoming for all of the children and families.

In the first 12 month, there are limitations in babies’ vision and they respond well to simple, bold patterns with high contrast. Our black and white area provides toys and resources to support babies visual development, inviting them to engage whilst offering stimulation that will keep them captivated for short periods of time. Strong black and white patterns help babies to develop their ability to focus their attention and levels of concentration. The visual contrast encourages babies to explore different patterns and textures, giving a multi-sensory experience to the youngest explorers.

Rest, Sleep and Naps

Our youngest babies snuggle down in Dream Coracles, rather than cots. The Dream Coracles can help babies and young children feel safe and secure whilst away from home. Providing a space they can sit and watch from; a space they can play in, if they want a little place of their own and a space they can snuggle up and sleep in. Babies and children can wake in their own time or settle themselves back off to sleep if they are not yet ready to wake, encouraging independence and self regulation.

This lovely video shows children at the Northumbria University Nursery using the Dream Coracles and explains the benefits of the coracles, including the views of parents and staff.

The quiet area is warm, cosy and welcoming. It is an area that invites babies and toddlers in and provides a place to watch from when they are settling in, a place to snuggle up in, a place to listen and share stories and a place to talk; all essential for developing communication and language skills.

 "Children of all ages enjoy using the cosy reading areas to snuggle up with a good book." (Ofsted Report 2016) 

Hubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble, whether its magic potions, wizards brew, purfume or petal soup, our Potion Station offers so many open ended opportunities to capture children's imaginations and allow them to experiment with different materials using all the senses.

Sensory Play

Story Time


Building Towers

Busy Board

Role Play

Light Cube


Sharing Stories

Mud and Puddles


Puddle Fun

Early Climbing

Climbing steps

Climbing the Ladder