Pre-School Room

Our Pre-School children experience a day full of fun with lots of activities to keep young minds interested. Please click on the links throughout to find out more about each area.

We encourage children's independence and learning through a range of self chosen activities. Our pre-school room is laid out in different areas of interest to encourage children to develop a range of knowledge, skills and understanding. The room is designed to be Communication Friendly, with small areas where children can play and talk together in small groups, without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed by a big open space. We use neutral colours, rather than bright overwhelming colours to allow children to focus on their learning. This helps to expand their imaginations and knowledge of the world around them.

We have a Role Play area with a realistic kitchen, real crockery to help children learn to handle toys carefully and safely, 'working' kitchen equipment such as a mixer and a blender (just like home), a toaster that pops and a microwave that 'pings'. Short of running water, everything you would find in your own home. Children can dress up in a wide range of outfits, from a variety of cultures around the world; children can be anything from a chef to a police constable or even a superhero or princess. Our role play boxes provide children with the resources to be a vet, a hairdresser or even a doctor (to name but a few).

Our Cosy Corner has a wealth of puzzles, books (fiction and non-fiction), a CD player with headphones to allow children to listen to stories on their own or with a friend, story props to enable children to 'act out' stories or create their own to develop young imaginations and soft toys to read stories to or just to cuddle up to.

We have a Music and movement area where children can experiment with sound using the wide range of musical instruments, listen to, sing along to or dance to a CD using colourful scarves or ribbons to encourage movement of the upper body (needed to develop early writing skills).

The Investigation area is a space where inquisitive minds can examine a multitude of fascinating objects by touch, smell, sound and sight. The children can investigate and experiment with light and dark, colour, electricity, natural objects, living creatures and technology.

Our Construction Area allows children to experiment with blocks, developing problem solving skills, imagination, an understanding of shape, space and measure.

A Maths Area provides children with a space that they can experiment with number, matching, sorting, weighing, measuring, 2D and 3D shapes.

Lots of messy play and art activities, including painting, collage, play dough, sand and water play.

We also offer a range of adult led activities throughout the day, such as cooking, letters and sounds, circle time and music and movement.
Before meals the children have story and song time which allows them a period of calm before lunch or dinner.